Easley South Carolina Events

National tournaments are nothing new to Easley, which has earned him the attention of the national media over the years. It first hosted the Big League World Series in 2001 and continued to host the tournament annually until it was disbanded in 2016. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Museum of Easington High School have announced their intention to host the 2017 Baseball World Series in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Bagwell continued, "The city of Easley has been a strong supporter of recovery for 15 years, especially baseball, as it hosts the NCCAA Baseball World Series, the National Collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame. Our parks and recreational facilities are full of enthusiasm for the opportunity of an N CCAA Baseball World Series and the chance for another NCCCA Baseball World Series coming to Easington, said City Manager and Recreation Director Mark Bagwell Jr.

In addition, Southern Wesleyan University (Central SC) is in the planning stage of the team and will help provide voluntary statistical services. Students - athletes and coaches also have the opportunity to serve the local community through the Christian Service Project (CSP). The NCCAA championship is designed to provide a national championship experience for students, athletes, coaches and spectators and to have a positive impact on the host community through the C SP initiative. From the arrival of the teams to an exciting final competition and banner presentation, which includes a full day of activities and activities in the parks and leisure facilities of Easington.

The championship events are held at Greenville Technical College and Furman University, both located in nearby Greenville. Southern Wesleyan University is located near the Central SC, and the championship is hosted by Southern Methodist University (Southern SC) in Easington.

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You can compete against top-class competitors from all over the country to become the National Champion of the NCCAA!!!

The Pendleton District is divided into two parts, with the upper part being Anderson County and the lower part being Pickens County, named after Andrew Picken. Most of the city is in Pickening County, but the Easley National Guard Armory is based in Easington, South Carolina, south of Pickening County. Easey is located in the southernmost part of North Carolina at the intersection of I-85 and Interstate 95.

The main affected areas in the city are the town of Easey, the Easley National Guard arsenal and the Pickens County Courthouse. The biggest damage was in Crumps Bridge Rd, where a large chicken coop was completely destroyed and several others suffered major damage.

A tornado briefly hit the town of Easey in Pickens County in southern South Carolina before picking up. As the tornado crossed Hulsey Rd, the roof of a house in the area and a house on the other side was blown away.

The roofs of buildings and installations were damaged and caused a large fire that burned down to the foundations. There was significant damage, as well as about 25 homes, and numerous mobile homes were blown off roofs, some of which were severely damaged or destroyed.

Severe thunderstorms and winds in combination with heavy rain and gusts of up to 60 km / h were also recorded in some places.

The NWS study, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The National Weather Service recorded wind speeds of up to 60 mph and gusts of 60 to 90 mph.

Numerous large trees were uprooted on a ridge near Pickens, and the tornado began to move eastward - northeast, continuing to blow trees over. The tornado crossed Highway 17 near Pleasant Hill Circle and then veered right over Red Hill School Rd, where an outbuilding was destroyed and several mobile homes suffered minor roof damage. After crossing Interstate 17 and Pleasant Hill Circle, the tornadoes continued to turn right as they headed east, where a mobile home was ripped from its foundations and steel cables and roof material were blown out of the building. They then crossed a destroyed outbuilding on RedHill School Road and Redhill Road where wind speeds of up to 120km / h were estimated, earning them the EF2 rating.

More About Easley

More About Easley